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If you’re wondering how to keep your hair from falling out, you’re in luck: Tarajah Phenson Hair Care is now offering a $100,000 prize for someone who can get their hair to curl properly.

The company says they’re offering the contest to help women keep their hair healthy and looking its best.

The company, which specializes in providing women with healthy haircuts, says they’ve received more than 1,000 entries for the contest.

In addition to winning the prize, entrants will also receive a gift of one of the products that Tarajahs product line, which is comprised of a series of naturally-colored hair products that are infused with vitamins and minerals, which can help keep hair soft and shiny.

In order to enter, you must be 18 years old and reside in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Norway and Switzerland.

For your chance to win, you’ll need to upload your own video, an Instagram photo, a description of your curl and your hair’s texture, and a video from one of Tarajha’s videos on Instagram, YouTube, Vine or Vine.

Tarajas customer service representative, Ashley Krumholz, says the company doesn’t need your email address to enter the contest, but she can’t guarantee that people who upload videos won’t be disqualified.

Krumselz says Tarajarah has already been inundated with submissions, and that they’re currently in the process of sorting through all the videos to ensure the best selection of entries.

She says Taraji has a history of giving away prizes that are great, but that this is the first time we’ve ever given away a prize for winning, so we think it’s a great way to give back to Tarajash.

“Tarajahu also says the contest is open to anyone, including people with hair issues.”

We love that Taraji’s so popular, and we think everyone deserves to feel beautiful and hair-free,” Krumsche said.

Taraji says she received the prize for “being awesome and making women feel great about themselves.” says her prize was a special one.

She says she got a free gift pack of three of Taraji products, which she will use to create a special gift for her mother, who suffers from eczema.

She also got a brand new, full-length, full coverage braided hair brush that will help to keep her curls in shape and to make her curls look fuller.

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