Hair Care

Cosmetics Business

Maui’s hair care trend has gotten a boost recently with a brand new line of Hawaiian hair care products, Maui Hair Care.

The new line is called Maui Wristband, and features products like the Maui Wand-It, Mauis Tanned Mousse, Mauigula-Style Oil, Mauian Mousse Hair Restorative Oil, and more.

These products are priced at $34.95 each, which includes a Maui-Style oil, two hair dryers, and two mugs for $19.95.

The Maui Wax-Up is priced at a whopping $79.95 for a 30 minute spray-on treatment.

With Maui, you’ll also find Maui Water Treatment Spray in a small bottle ($18), a Mauis Moisturizing Oil, two Mauis Hand Creams ($24), two Maui Tanned Moisture Fruits, a Mauie Spa Spray, two micro-sized Maui Mousse Mousse products ($15 each), two hand cream and shampoo, and three hand creams and mousse ($6 each).

To add some extra flair to your Maui wear, there’s the Mauio Hair Salon Series, which offers all-natural and organic hair care in a large collection.

These products can also be purchased at the Mauios Hair Care boutique. 

“What this is is Maui and Maui is Mauiwai, and Mauiwau are Hawaiian, and you can’t go wrong with these products, you can find them at the best stores in the city,” said Maui Head of Sales and Marketing Mark Pomeranz.

“I think it’s really a great product.

I love all the ingredients, it’s a really good hair product and I think it adds a little extra personality.”

In addition to Maui Oil and Mauis Mousse Fruits in the new Maui wristband line, the other products in this line are the Mauie Sculpting Brush ($16.95), Maui Heat Cream ($22.95) and Mauijas Hair Brush ($32.95).

You can check out the full list of products from Maui here:

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