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The best TV shows of the past year have been a collection of television episodes, often involving a single-camera series.

There’s a reason for that.

A show with no single-cable lead and a series of individual episodes is one that is much easier to digest.

There are fewer chances for plot holes to be discovered, which allows for a smoother flow of storytelling.

The same goes for series with multiple storylines.

In a television series, each episode is a standalone piece, and the viewer has little control over where it takes them.

This is the beauty of serialized television: each episode has its own individual arc, and it’s often the story that keeps viewers engaged.

For that reason, the best television series of the decade has been a group of series that all take place over a period of time, all at different times of the day.

This allows for an easy comparison, because the story can easily be expanded over time and the series can be seen as a whole.

The best series of 2015 were all serialized in a single year.

The most watched shows of 2015 took place in the same month, which meant they had a large number of episodes to tell the story of.

The showrunners of The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, and The Vampire Diaries had a lot of material to draw on.

And The Leftovers, which aired for six seasons, had a long, well-developed history of the story.

The series had a major impact on television, and that impact was amplified by the fact that they were all created by the same people, so it was easy to understand why they all came together in a neat package.

The Walking East Series One of the best series that year was The Walking West, a series that had two seasons in 2016.

The first season was largely focused on the city of Chicago.

It was set in the 1920s, and many of the characters lived in that era.

The second season was set after the events of the first season, but focused on a different era, and was set around a new town.

While it had a strong plot, there were some major plot holes that left viewers with more questions than answers.

One of those holes was that the characters were not from Chicago.

The city was not only named after a fictional town, but it was also named after the first man, Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln’s birthplace was Springfield, and when the town was named after him, the city was named for a man named Samuel Colt.

The two cities are very similar in some ways, but they don’t share a name.

The writers of The Leftover were well aware of this and made a point of making the cities in the first and second seasons look similar.

One way to tell this apart is that The Leftoff does not have any characters who live in Chicago.

Instead, the characters in the series are from Springfield.

This means that The West, which has been around for over 100 years, has been created by a group who has spent their lives in Chicago and is familiar with its history.

There were a lot more plot holes in the second season than in the previous season.

One thing that made The Leftout stand out was its portrayal of gender roles.

One character in particular, played by Ellen Burstyn, was a lesbian.

When her character was introduced, Burstyn said in an interview that her character’s lesbianism was a huge factor in her character not being able to find the love of her life.

When Burstyn first played her character, it was a major plot point for viewers to root for her character.

But by the end of season two, there was an increase in the amount of character development for the lesbian character.

The other big plot hole of The West was its relationship with the church.

The church has been the source of much drama in the show, but this is the first time that a major conflict has been brought up.

While some viewers have long suspected that the church was behind the murders, it’s clear from The West’s first season that there is much more to the story than that.

This led some viewers to ask: Why do the church and the murders matter?

Why did they come up so often in the stories of the series?

One of The Wire’s greatest mysteries is the identity of the mastermind behind the murder of a high-ranking official.

The story of The Church and The Wire was about the conspiracy behind the death of the official.

In The Leftdown, the two major conflicts in the story revolve around the church’s ties to the murder.

One episode, “The Last Stand,” takes place in a church called the Temple of the Lord.

The episode’s title refers to the fact the main characters are members of a religious order that is dedicated to the destruction of the city.

The next episode, the episode title refers back to the church, with the title “The Temple of Doom.”

When you watch the show now, it makes sense why the church would be the

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