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The Hill — What to look for in a shampooing brush to make your hair healthier.

Tulsa City, Oklahoma, officials have approved the sale of shampooing brushes to the public, after residents complained about the smell of the products and other health concerns.

The city is among a handful of localities in the nation to offer a free shampooing service to residents.

Tens of thousands of Americans have registered to use the service, but the state’s Health Department and local officials have yet to make any decisions about its implementation.

As of Tuesday, Tulsa had 1,097 registered users.

The city’s department of health, which oversees public health, has been trying to convince residents to sign up for the free shampoo service for months.

“It’s just a great opportunity for the community to get together and learn about the different products,” said Tulsa City Manager Robert Sauer.

“I’m really excited that they’ve gotten it out there.”

The city started selling its free shampoo and conditioner service in December, according to the Tulsa World.

The department said the service helps residents feel healthier.

“If you can’t find the shampoo or conditioner you need, we have the right products at the right price,” the city’s public information office said.

In a release, the department said Tulsa residents can apply their hair products for a free $25 fee at a salon.

The cost includes the shampoo and a shampoo and is nonrefundable.

Tulsans must apply their products daily, and residents must sign a consent form to be eligible for a service.

The city said the free service is intended to promote “good health habits.”

The department also said the community can purchase a shampoo, conditioner and body lotion for $20 and also visit an appointment with a personal care professional to have them evaluated.

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