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1 / 5 In June, a group of activists launched a campaign to save The Wig, a wig contest that’s become a symbol of the gender gap at the annual beauty pageant.

Here’s what you need to know.

In June: What is The Wige?

The wig contest is held at the Miss Universe pageant in Los Angeles.

For years, contestants have been competing for a spot on the annual pageant and have to win a wig.

A winning wig can be worn by a winner in the pageant or worn by an alternate winner.

A wig is a permanent hair accessory that is worn to represent a woman’s body.

The contestants wear their wig as a way to celebrate their beauty.

In February, the group behind the campaign, Make The Wigg Stop, petitioned the pageant to end the contest, arguing that contestants had been unfairly disadvantaged because of the wig.

At the time, the pageant said it would not make any changes to the contest.

Now, the contest is being revived in a bid to get it back on track.

In the meantime, the wig was the subject of a Twitter hashtag, #savethewig.

Here are five things you need, in addition to this article: What’s in a wig?

Wigs are made from hair, usually in the shape of a cone or a cone shape.

The wig is typically made with a synthetic material such as bovine, cow hair, or wool.

Some wigs have been modified to mimic human hair.

The shape of the hair can also be altered to make it look more like a human body.

Some wig makers use different kinds of boron for the wig’s outer and inner hair to create different shapes and textures.

A lot of wig makers also use other natural ingredients to make the wig look natural, such as cocoa butter or coconut oil.

How do I get a wig made?

Wig makers are generally required to submit their wig designs to judges.

Some of the wigs are submitted by mail-in, others are submitted to the wig makers themselves.

Some types of wigs require special stylists, and some require an assistant to prepare the wig for wear.

Wigs can be bought online or at the wig factory, which usually comes with a wig shop in the form of a barber shop or hair salon.

Make The Wish You can make your own wig at home using simple tools like a hair brush, a hair dryer, and a comb.

Make the wig with just a little water and your favorite hair texture.

Make a wig with only the right amount of bovines, cow hairs, or goat hair.

You can even use a natural hair dye to make a wig that’s more feminine.

Wig artists typically make a lot of variations of their wigs and sometimes use different types of hair.

Here is a guide to what to expect from a wig make.

What can you wear it with?

Wags are generally made with natural hair and are often worn with a white shirt, white pants, or a white skirt.

You could also wear a wig on your head.

Many wig makers suggest a wig can also work well with a turtleneck or blazer to give the illusion of a feminine head.

Wags come in a variety of colors, but you can also purchase wigs in a range of shades and styles.

You may also want to wear a bra to show off your hair and a wig for a day or two.

What else can I wear with a wig?

Wogs can also function as accessories to enhance a woman in different ways.

Some women like to wear them with a necklace, a bracelet, a necklace necklace, and even a wig and sunglasses.

Others might want to have a pair of glasses and sunglasses, as well as a wig or hair comb to cover up the wig, or use a wig as part of a headband or a headscarf.

Wagging accessories are available for purchase online or in stores.

If you are in a rush, you can get a custom wig for under $200.

Make Your Own Wig Wigs typically cost $200-$500, depending on the length and shape of your wig.

Some styles of wiggles are made with plastic, while others are made out of metal.

There are also wig-making tools available online.

Make your own Wig for Under $100 Make your wig for $100 or less.

You’ll need to have your wig in the same color and style as the wig you want to use.

You don’t need to wear the wig in your bra, shirt, or skirt.

Here, a man makes a wig using a wig Maker’s Apprentice wig.

You might also want a wig to give your body a different look.

Wiggles made with borax and coconut oil have a metallic finish that looks more like metal.

You also might want a mask or wig accessory to make your hair look more natural.

Make It Look More Natural Make your wigs look

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