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The ultimate haircare tool, the haircut is a great way to get a better look, but it can be a pain to get it right.

Taraji P. Hamilton has some tips for getting your perfect haircut.

1: Haircuts are important to get right The best hair cuts are ones that have a long lasting effect on your hair, not just the length.

You can’t get a good haircut if it looks washed out or dull, or doesn’t give you the natural look you want.

“It’s important to try to have your hair cut in a way that gives you that fullness and volume you need, because it is going to take you a long time to feel it,” Hamilton said.

“You want to be able to have a full-bodied look.”

Hamilton recommends getting a combed or swept-over cut that has the same style as your bangs, not a shaved or straight one.

The result is a hair that looks fuller and more voluminous than a straight or combed-over hair cut.

“So, if you have bangs that are thick, straight, and combed, the cut will have a more pronounced curl and it will be easier to manage,” she said.

Hamilton recommends keeping your hair style consistent throughout the day and into the evening, and avoiding combed haircuts when you’re out and about.

2: Don’t leave your hair at home if you can help it, but don’t let it interfere with your appearance Taraji Pienaar, co-founder of The Hairline, says people often leave their hair at their home if it’s too long, and doesn’t offer much in the way of style options.

“It’s very easy to get confused with it being too long and too short, because the style and the volume of hair is all different,” she says.

“When you have a short hair and a long hair, they will be in exactly the same spot, so it’s not really a matter of how much you’ve got.”

3: Get a comb for your bang cuts Taraji says you should try to keep your bang cut short, and not get too thick.

The comb will give you that ‘big bang’ effect and make the hair look fuller, she says, and it’s easy to mess it up if you let it get too long.

4: Avoid combing and washing your hair Once you’ve chosen your haircut, it’s important you don’t just apply the comb and brush to your bang.

You’ll want to leave the comb at home, but instead you should wash your hair using a water-based shampoo.

Hamilton says you can also apply a regular shampoo to your hair before going to bed.

5: Use a hair brush to make your hair look full Taraji recommends using a comb to make a haircut that looks full and full of volume.

If you have thick bangs and you’re looking for a fuller cut, you can choose to go with a thicker comb, which will give a more natural look.

“I like to get one that is really big, because that is my natural way of doing it,” she advises.

“The reason I prefer thick bang cuts is because they give me a nice volume that you don´t have to hold it down with your hands.

“There’s no reason why you can’t do it twice a week.” “

If you want to really make your bang look like your natural hair, then you should do it every day,” she adds.

“There’s no reason why you can’t do it twice a week.”

7: Don´t leave the brush on while you’re waiting for your haircut Taraji encourages people to use their hair brush and comb on their bangs for a full, natural look when they’re ready to take the first step towards getting a proper haircut.

8: Don’t forget your shampoo Taraji suggests washing your head before going out, as the shampoo will be more effective than a regular shower.

9: Don�t be afraid to take your hair outside Taraji also suggests that you should take your bang to the beach and have a towel handy to apply your hair to your scalp.

“Because you want your bang straight, you don�t want it to get all tangled up with your hair,” she recommends.

“And so you can get that volume you want without getting too tangled.”

10: Get your hair professionally groomed The best way to keep it looking its best is to groom it daily, and that includes taking your hair home.

Follow Taraji on Twitter for more tips and advice.

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