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Cosmetics Business

By By Lauren C. Oltman | Bloomberg | November 12, 2018 03:04:38Dyson is making some big waves with the launch of a new line of cosmetics.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the cosmetics and hair products that it sells.

The line includes three products for men, three for women and five for kids.

The products include:Dyson Beauty Basics for MenDyson Cosmetics for MenSoda Can Cleaner for MenThe products also include the company’s new hair care line, which combines natural ingredients and products that have been proven to work to fight and even prevent wrinkles.

“Dyson has a proven track record in providing products that work to reduce wrinkles, minimize dryness, reduce frizz and keep hair looking its best,” said Dan L. Dyson, vice president of Dyson Cosmetology.

The new line is available for men and women and includes products for the face, neck, back and head, plus a range of grooming products for those with sensitive or dry skin.

The first line, Men’s Beauty Basics, is available now at $60 for men.

The men’s line, called the Basics, will be available next year.

The product for women includes products such as Dyson Beauty Primer and Hair & Beards for Men.

The hair and beard line will be launched in spring 2019.

The company has also launched its new Beauty and Beauty Care line, Women’s Beauty Care, for women, for men or for kids ages 4-10.

The two products are available now for women at $59.99 for men with an additional $30 for a $30 rebate.

The women’s line includes products like Dyson Hair Care for Men and Dyson Skin Care for Women, as well as a range for those who have sensitive or oily skin.

A spokesman for Dyson did not respond to requests for comment.

The New York Times also wrote that the company was working on a new range for women for the spring of 2019, but that it was unclear whether that would be a new product or a new name.

Dyson declined to provide details on the new products, which are expected to be available by fall 2019.

In 2017, the company acquired Dyson and the rest of its brands for $3.9 billion.

The sale resulted in the departure of CEO Joe R. Linn.

Dynars new founder, Dr. Joe Dyson Jr., has been the head of Dynars beauty and grooming business for four years.

The company had previously been based in South Florida, where it has operations in Miami, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Jacksonville.

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