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Hair care blogger and maui water enthusiast Laura Kishan recently posted a picture on her blog of a Maui humidity shampoo, which she claims is the “best” she’s ever used.

“I’ve been using the Mauis moisture shampoo for two months now and I’ve only used it once or twice since then,” Kishin wrote.

“My hair was super-tender after a couple of days of using it.

It was a total wash-over that didn’t break the bank.

I didn’t feel any frizz or any irritation when I put it on.”

Kishani also wrote that she was able to maintain her natural moisture in her hair without a lot of fuss.

“The Mauis humidity shampoo is great for dry, frizzy, and brittle hair, which is why I love it so much.

It’s great for the long-haired or straight hair,” Kishesan said.

The product comes in a plastic bottle and is available in Maui stores and online.

Read more on Kishins blog: Maui Haircare: Mauis Humidity shampoo review: The best shampoo for dry hair?

Kishin, who also writes about products for women and men, said she’s also been using a similar product called the Mauisin moisture shampoo to help control frizz.

Kishi said she used the Mauises humidity shampoo for about a month before she switched to the Mauin one.

“It was my first time using the humidity shampoo and I was really surprised by how much I was able’t get out of it.

I had to add more water in the bottle to get it to break down.

I also started using a different shampoo after I finished using the moisture shampoo,” Kishi said.

“Now, I’ve been doing a lot more than just using the humidifier and humidity shampoo.

It works great for my curly and tousled hair.” “

While I’m not using the same shampoo as Kishini, I do think it is a good product to try, especially for dry and frizzy hair.

It works great for my curly and tousled hair.”

Kishani’s Mauis shampoo uses an organic water base, which doesn’t require any heat or conditioning to work, she said.

KISHIN: I have a whole line of Mauis products, including one for the whole hair, that’s all organic, she says.

The Mauises product can be purchased online at the Mauins online store, or by calling 1-800-Mauis-USA.

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