Hair Care

Cosmetics Business

The dyes used for hair dye are widely available in the markets of many countries.

Most people in India, however, have not had the opportunity to experiment with dyes for many years.

The best bet for those who want to experiment is to buy the products online or in shops.

But as the market for dyes and hair dyeing continues to evolve, so do the options.

We will give you some tips for ditching the colour of your hair.

Read More to know how to dye your black hair, what you should wear and what not to do.

Below are our suggestions for ducking the colour and how to wear it.1.

Wear an opaque white T-shirt2.

Wear a bright coloured scarf3.

Use a bright colour pencil4.

Use hair extensions5.

Wear white shoes or gloves6.

Use nail polish7.

Keep a tight face and eyes8.

Avoid wearing loose jewellery9.

Avoid being too “black”10.

Avoid eye makeup11.

Avoid the use of eyeliner or mascara12.

Avoid tanning13.

Wear light coloured or coloured hair14.

Avoid using black eyeliner15.

Avoid buying black eyelashes16.

Avoid excessive hair styling17.

Avoid use of nail polish18.

Avoid making black facial hair19.

Avoid over-the-top makeup20.

Avoid applying too much colour21.

Avoid going overboard with colour22.

Avoid extreme hair styling23.

Avoid getting a cuticle rash24.

Avoid a long hair colour25.

Avoid hair products containing a dye source26.

Avoid skin-whitening products27.

Avoid harsh cosmetics28.

Avoid any dye containing dye source29.

Avoid purchasing any hair dye30.

Wear thick or thin hair textures31.

Wear coloured socks32.

Avoid dark colour trousers33.

Avoid red or green hair colour34.

Avoid heavy make-up35.

Avoid make-ups with red, blue or green pigments36.

Avoid coloured socks37.

Avoid dyeing hair on your skin38.

Avoid spending too much time with your hair in the sun39.

Avoid having a heavy make up to wear40.

Avoid long hair, or dyeing it short or black41.

Avoid exposing your hair to excessive sunlight42.

Avoid playing with dye or dye-containing products43.

Avoid washing your hair with soap and water44.

Avoid taking your hair home45.

Avoid shaving your head with a sharp blade46.

Avoid waxing your head47.

Avoid keeping your hair dry48.

Avoid letting your hair grow long49.

Avoid sticking a hairbrush in your hair50.

Avoid changing your hair colour51.

Avoid styling your hair while in a salon52.

Avoid leaving your hair uncovered53.

Avoid removing your hair from your hairbrush54.

Avoid putting any products on your hair, including dyes, onto your scalp55.

Avoid mixing dye with shampoo56.

Avoid staying in a room or house with other people57.

Avoid looking in mirrors or mirrors that are open at night58.

Avoid touching your hair or wearing the hair in a way that exposes your hair59.

Avoid covering your hair60.

Avoid pulling your hair back when you shampoo61.

Avoid shampooing your hair62.

Avoid combing your curls63.

Avoid doing your hair and beard at the same time64.

Avoid bathing your hair65.

Avoid brushing your hair before your shower66.

Avoid swimming with your scalp in a pool or pooling in a swimming pool67.

Avoid showering with your head submerged in water68.

Avoid wetting your hair69.

Avoid avoiding washing your hands and arms70.

Avoid sharing towels71.

Avoid cutting your hair when you clean your hair72.

Avoid parting your hair73.

Avoid rubbing your hair over the sink74.

Avoid picking your hair up to dry your hair75.

Avoid drying your hair under the sink76.

Avoid cleaning your hair by hand77.

Avoid choosing a colour based on your favourite TV show or movie78.

Avoid reading newspapers or magazines online79.

Avoid seeing pictures of celebrities or celebrities on the internet80.

Avoid travelling to places that have hair dye on their hair81.

Avoid not washing your face or hair by washing with soap82.

Avoid asking your friends or family if they have been dyeing their hair83.

Avoid trying to dye a hair colour without having a hair dye kit84.

Avoid working with other dyes85.

Avoid treating your hair as a luxury product86.

Avoid donating your hair dye to a charity87.

Avoid paying a hair stylist88.

Avoid worrying about whether your hair will stay in place89.

Avoid dreadlocks90.

Avoid giving your hair extensions91.

Avoid experimenting with new dyes92.

Avoid waiting until your hair is dry before you start applying them93.

Avoid painting your hair94.

Avoid bleach for hair, hair care or colouring hair95.

Avoid re-pigmenting your eyebrows96.

Avoid bleaching your hair97.

Avoid deep conditioning your hair98.

Avoid water

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