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The Dr. Phil Show on Tuesday night was set to feature a clip from Dr. Jeffrey Orloff, who said he removed the pet hair of an elephant.

Dr. Orlouto, a former professor of zoology at the University of Minnesota, said he had a conversation with the elephant, who was wearing a wig and was standing next to his desk.

Orlichoff said he was going to remove the pet’s hair, but then, he said, he heard the elephant’s owner say, “I think I’m going to go out and get some more pet hair.”

Dr. Oz said Orloughs comments were “the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

He added: “This is an elephant that’s been walking around for a few weeks now.

This elephant is wearing a hat and a wig.

I think it’s probably better that he goes and gets some more hair.

He’s a good, solid animal.”

The clip, which was first reported by TMZ, showed Orloffs comments on why he removed a hair from the elephant.

The doctor told the elephant to go and get his own hair and then gave the elephant a carrot.

Oroloff told the audience the elephant looked like a “good kid” and said he felt “pretty good” about the elephant being on the road.

He said the elephant was “going to go for a walk” and “he might go for five or six days.”

Dr Orlonoff told TMZ the elephant “looks like a nice guy” and has a “very friendly” demeanor.

Dr Oz said on the show that he thought the elephant might be “wanting to take a walk in the park” and that the doctor should be “a little more considerate” with the animal.

The episode aired on Wednesday.

Dr Orlaons comments have raised eyebrows from animal rights activists who say it violates animal welfare laws.

The Center for Biological Diversity filed a lawsuit against Dr Orlons clinic in the United States alleging that the veterinarian is “violating” the Animal Welfare Act.

The Center for Food Safety, a non-profit organization, also says Dr Orolons clinic is “making false statements” to justify the removal of pet hair.

The Animal Welfare Institute said the veterinarian’s comments “were entirely consistent with the practice of veterinary ethics and the principles of animal welfare.”

It said that Dr Orlicho has a history of misrepresenting his training and his professional competence to advance animal welfare.

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