Hair Care

Cosmetics Business

Here at WEN, we love helping our clients find the best hair care products and services.

But when it comes to what you need for your hair, you’re in for a long journey!

For a start, you’ll need to check out what we have to offer.

As you can see, our products are a bit more than just hair care: they’re also essential for skin care, skin care-related cosmetics, and even hair care. 

As you browse through our extensive range, you may also find some products that suit your specific needs.

So let’s get started!WEN HairCare (Camellia Sinensis)We offer WEN hair care (camellias Sinensis), which is a range of hair products, ranging from a hair treatment cream to a hair styling gel, to be used as a hair treatment for the beginner to advanced. 

Camellyce is one of the most widely used hair products in the world, and has been used for over 200 years to treat hair disorders, and to improve overall health. 

Wen (Wen hair care) (Boscia, L.V. )We are WENT hair care, which is a hair care brand that offers a range of products and treatments.

The brand was founded in 1882 in St. Louis, Missouri by Louis Boscia. 

It is currently owned by a family (from the United States) and it has operated as a subsidiary for more than 200 years. 

Boscias family now owns the company, and is the founder of Went hair care! Weng Hair (Aurora Cosmetics)Weng (Hair Care brand) is an Australian company that has been profoundly accomplished by the Australian Haircare industry, leading to its profitable brand and its successful market to date. 

Its hiring brands have included the Auroral brand, as well as Bewitching (the next generation of the BEWitching brand), the hair care and styling brand Beverly (formerly Boulevard), and the Coca Cola brand (a recent acquisition that was officially announced on January 12th 2018). 

Hanna Hair The Hannah hair care brand is owned by Hanni and has a strong international presence, as a nordic hair care brand and a hair product brand, and is also a hair care company. 

Hanni (Pegasus Haircare)Pegasus (Rosa Salon)Pasus is a Japanese hair care & styling brand that is owned by Rosa Salon, a major hair care destination in Japan. 

The brand was founded in 2011 by Takayuki Kawaguchi and Hiroshi Kazuo Muraoka, who worked together on WOW. 

Kawa (L’Occitane)L’occitane is one the largest hair care brands in the world, with a range  of products that include a  naturals hair colour colouring and an airbrush to control the colour of the scalp.  L’Oreal (Aloe)Aloe is one of the great natural products in the world. 

Aloe’s natural benefits include hydrating skin and boosting hair mass, but there’s also some other benefits, including improving hair texture, reducing hair breakage, restoring your hair’s natural colour, and treating hair acne. 

Lipstick and hair oil (Tampax)Tampaz (Eyes and Skin)Eyes and Skin is a beauty product that is available at a wide range of beautys prices, from $20 to $50 and offers a broad range of skincare products, including lipstick and hair oil. Eyes&Skin (Skin & Hair)  is a skin care brand that also includes hair and hair care tools, so it can help you care for your skin and make it look more healthy. Skin&Hair (

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