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You may have noticed the trend of people wearing dreadlocks in their hair this year.

And you’ve definitely seen the trend in social media: a whole slew of women wearing them, as well as a whole lot of men.

But what does dreadlock hair care really mean?

How can you really take it to the new level?

Here’s everything you need to know.1.

The hair is part of you, tooYou may be thinking: I can’t really do this!

What’s the point of going to the salon?

But dreadlocks aren’t just about looks, they’re a way to connect to the body.

They’re the embodiment of self-expression, you can’t get that without it.

The dreadlocks on your head are your hair, and it’s just as important to you as your body is to you.2.

They can be styled like a hatIf you’re not familiar with the term “hair hat”, you may be confused by the idea of styling it.

It’s not that you’re dressing up like a man or wearing a wig.

You’re just doing something with your hair that feels good to you and looks good.

The problem is that the styling doesn’t look great, and this can make you feel uncomfortable.3.

They protect your hair against bacteriaWhile dreadlocks are designed to hold on to the hair shaft, they can also be used to protect your scalp against infections, according to the BBC.

That means they can help prevent hair loss, and they can even protect against the common cold, according the BBC .

This is because they don’t actually absorb water and don’t absorb dirt.4.

They are good for the environmentA study published in the Journal of Hair and Makeup Technology found that the average woman using dreadlocks had lower levels of UVB-induced free radicals in their scalp.

This means their scalp was less susceptible to sunburns, which are caused by UVB rays.5.

They help to prevent hair growthThe amount of hair growth that goes on in your hair depends on many factors, including your skin’s pH, your age, and the type of hair you have.

However, it’s possible to reduce hair growth by wearing dreadlock dreadlocks.

If you’re concerned about hair growth, try keeping your hair short, and using a product that reduces hair growth naturally.6.

They prevent your scalp from getting itchyYour scalp does need a good massage to keep it healthy.

But if you’re trying to avoid getting hair in your scalp, you may want to try using a lot of pressure on your scalp.

If it’s too painful, you might also want to use a shampoo and conditioner.7.

They have benefits for the skin, tooSome people love the look of dreadlocks because they give them a natural, clean look.

But the reality is that they’re also great for the scalp.

You can’t make a person’s skin healthier if you don’t give it that.

The way that dreadlocks look on your skin, however, is important.

Your scalp absorbs and passes on nutrients to your skin.

That helps it to stay healthy.8.

They make hair look more beautifulYou’re not going to get rid of your dreadlocks with a simple shampoo, but you can take them to the cleaners and get rid in a variety of ways.

They work best when they’re gently massaged and then brushed back.

If the dreadlocks get caught up in the hair, you’ll get more curl.

So try massaging the dreads and curling them back.

The best part is that if they’re stuck, they’ll simply be replaced by new dreadlocks once you wash them.9.

They improve your moodYou can get rid by taking your hair to a salon for the natural care of your scalp and removing your hair as usual.

This way, your hair will stay shiny and healthy.10.

They feel good for youWhen you wear dreadlocks, you’re doing something that you love.

And it makes you feel good to look good.

Your hair will feel amazing when you do it right.

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