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The European Commission says that products made with synthetic keratin, which is derived from plants and insects, are “safe and effective”.

The agency also said synthetic keratins are “well-tested and effective in cosmetic products”.

The statement comes after an analysis by the European Commission found that the majority of the products that it tested contained synthetic kerin. 

The European Commission also said that most of the synthetic keranins used in cosmetic and hair care products are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which regulates cosmetics.

The agency said that the tests did not prove the safety of synthetic keratis in cosmetics.

“Based on the data available, we believe that the safety assessment of these products is not justified,” it said.

“There are no significant differences between the safety assessments of synthetic and natural keratin.”

“Products that are manufactured with synthetic and naturally derived keratin are well-tested, and the products tested by the Commission are not likely to pose a risk to consumers,” it added.

“The safety assessment does not consider any risk of adverse health effects, including allergic reactions, and does not take into account any potential risk of contamination with non-essential ingredients.”

“There is also no evidence that these products are associated with any increased risk of cancer,” the statement said. 

In October last year, it announced a ban on using synthetic keras in cosmetic, hair care and nail products.

“We are calling on manufacturers to avoid using synthetic ingredients in their products and to adhere to EU regulations, including by using synthetic or natural keras,” it wrote in a letter to the European Parliament. 

“These substances are often used in cosmetics, haircare and nail care products, and are also widely used in consumer products.” 

‘No real risk’The EU Commission’s new guidelines say that synthetic kerans are not regulated by the EU Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and that the substances are not considered safe for human consumption.

“For these reasons, there is no real risk of health effects associated with these synthetic kerants,” the Commission said in the letter.

“Therefore, we propose that all cosmetics and haircare products manufactured with these products should not be sold or distributed in Europe.”

“The Commission is of the opinion that there is an urgent need to protect the public health from the risks posed by synthetic kerins.” 

European cosmetics and cosmetics-making companies are expected to follow the guidelines by January.

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