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With the 2016 Jeep Wranglers finally on the roads, it’s time to answer the question: Which is better?

The Jeep Wrangel is a compact crossover that will fit anywhere, and can be purchased with a 4.5-liter V6 or a 4-cylinder turbocharged four-cyliler.

For some, it might seem a little too big for the average family car, but that’s actually a good thing, says Bob Faucher, who owns a Jeep Wraggler in his hometown of New Haven, Connecticut.

Faucher’s father owned an old Dodge Ram 1500, so he knows how to build a Jeep.

“My dad is a guy that really likes his Jeep,” Fauger says.

“He built his Jeep Wranger and it’s still a pretty good Jeep.

The reason I like it so much is because it’s a small car.”

In fact, Jeep Wrangs can be even smaller than some compact crossover models like the Ford Focus ST and the Toyota Camry.

That’s because the Wrangler’s interior is made from a carbon fiber material that absorbs vibration.

That helps to keep the weight down, so it’s lighter than most crossover models.

But for many buyers, the Wrangler’s interior can get cramped.

For example, the seats can be tough to sit in and can get in the way of a rearview mirror.

Fauber said he’s used to using the Wranger as a rear seat, but he recently found himself leaning back in the backseat while driving.

“It’s really hard to sit down and get a good view of my rearview,” Faur told us.

Faulcher is quick to point out that most buyers won’t notice a difference in comfort between the Wrangs and a normal-size SUV.

But, he said, the SUV’s cabin can be cramped if it’s too big.

Faur said he’d recommend a small SUV over a large one.

That means you’ll want to consider the Wrangel’s interior size, he says.

And for a long time, the answer was simple.

If you want to travel to a remote location, then you’d be better off getting a Jeep, he explained.

“If you have a Jeep and you want a comfortable place to be in, it makes sense to buy a Jeep,” he said.

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