Hair Care

Cosmetics Business

In a bid to keep the hair products stocked, Nantucks brand Nantuks Haircare is relaunching its Nantugs brand with a new line.

 The hair products are made from recycled, organic ingredients that have been blended into a range of hair products.

The products are priced at $8.95 each, and are currently available for sale in a range including a highlighter and a moisturiser.

Nantucks new line is called Nantugins Hair Care and it has been named as one of the best hair care products ever.

The hair product line has been in the works for years and Nantuuks brand director of product development, John O’Brien, said it was a natural progression.

“We knew we wanted to get our products into people’s homes as a natural, natural, organic, local product,” Mr O’Connor said.

A product is only as good as its ingredients.

There are many products that people love to try out and we wanted people to have a natural product that would make them feel comfortable with using.

“It’s a really exciting time for us.”

We’re really excited to see what the Nantuumans and Nantsuins brands can do with our products.

“The new hair products will be available in Nantuca and Nantae stores from August.

In Nantauca, there will be a variety of products available including a moisturizer, lip gloss, hair treatment and beard oil.

At Nantaea, there are new Nantunzas Hair Care products, including an ultra-light moisturiser, a moisturising facial oil, hair care and a facial hair cream.

Mr O’Connors says Nantucs new line will be more than just a hair care product.

It will be something that people will use as part of their everyday routine, which is exciting.

He said it would also be a great product for people who like to have the right products available in a convenient and convenient way.

More to come.

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