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The black owned hairstyles brand, which was founded in 2016 by black women in the US, has been on a mission to fight the stigma associated with black women’s hair.

The brand, whose owners are black, has released videos and launched campaigns to push the importance of black hair.

It launched a campaign to make black women feel more comfortable about their hairstyles and also launched a $50 donation to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black owned hair products are often thought of as a luxury brand, but the brand is a true source of pride for black women.

“It’s about the black woman, it’s about black girls, it is about black women that are living, and black girls are not being heard,” said Amika Johnson, founder of Black owned hairstylist and hair care brand, Amika Hair Care.

Johnson also said that black owned companies are able to create their own brands that appeal to different demographics.

The business is about empowerment and giving back to the community and being a part of the movement.

“The black owned business is the perfect outlet for us to be a part, and to get to be in front of our customers and to be able to say, ‘Thank you for giving me what I want,'” she said.

Johnson said the brand’s mission is to make Black owned businesses accessible to women in communities of color, as well as to raise awareness about issues that affect African-American women. 

Black owned hair brands are often seen as a “luxury brand”, but Johnson said their products are also a way to show pride and pride in their hair.

“Our goal is to get black women to look at their own hair and to think about themselves,” Johnson said.

Amika Hair and Bodycare is one of several brands that Johnson founded. “

There’s nothing better than being in front and talking to the people who care about you, to really understand that you can do anything.” 

Amika Hair and Bodycare is one of several brands that Johnson founded.

She and her husband, David Johnson, launched the company in 2016 after they noticed that their daughters had curly hair, which they were unsure if they could cut.

Johnson’s daughter was wearing the same curly hair that she wore when she was younger. 

“My daughter and I were both really confused and had a hard time figuring out what was wrong,” Johnson explained.

Amika was able to help her daughter understand what she was missing out on by giving her a black owned product to try.

Black owned products have been around for decades, but Johnson says that the trend has really caught on in recent years.

She said that there are only a few black owned haircare brands currently in existence, with the exception of one.

One of the biggest brands is La La Land, which is owned by singer Nick Jonas.

 The company sells a line of black owned shampoo and conditioner, along with a range of products for women with natural hair.

Another company is the Black Beauty brand, owned by actor George Clooney.

The company is also working on a line called Black Beauty, which includes black hair products, and hair color cosmetics.

In 2016, Johnson launched the brand Black Beauty Body and Hair, which focuses on empowering black women through its hair products.

I think black owned beauty is a movement, she said, “Because what you’re seeing is that black women have their own unique style.

Black women have the ability to take on these styles and to create them for themselves, and it’s a beautiful thing.”

Johnson said that she hopes that the black owned salon brand can be a platform for the movement, and encourages other brands to follow suit. 

I am proud to be part of a movement that is about empowering women and letting them feel comfortable about what they can and can’t do, she added.

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