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Hair care products can contain lead, a new study finds, as researchers examine how lead levels in cosmetics are being affected by lead paint in products.

Researchers from the University of Tasmania examined cosmetics products sold in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and found that the level of lead in cosmetics products varied depending on the country.

Lead paint, used in a variety of cosmetics products including hair care and cosmetics, can be found in products ranging from hair care to cosmetics, and it can be detected by the skin.

“We were concerned that products could contain lead,” Associate Professor Andrew Walker, from the School of Chemistry at the University, said.

“For example, if a product had a lot of lead, it could be difficult to identify because of the presence of lead pigments in the skin.”

“But our findings showed that these products were not all potentially contaminated, which is important, because these products are commonly used in countries with high levels of lead.”

Lead paint is used in products such as hair care but also for cosmetics, including cosmetics containing hair care.

Lead is also used in the production of cosmetics.

“Our findings show that the use of cosmetics containing lead paint could be a concern for consumers, and we should be monitoring products to ensure that their lead content is as low as possible,” Associate Associate Professor Walker said.

Researchers also found that lead paint is present in the urine of some people.

Lead-containing cosmetics and hair care are popular in Australia.

In Australia, products such to be sold in pharmacies and beauty parlours often contain ingredients that are labelled as lead-free.

Lead in cosmetics is generally measured by a bar code, which has been used since the 1960s, with products such a hair care barcode and beauty products having the same bar code.

The University of Hobart’s study examined the cosmetics products that were tested in the study.

“It is important to note that this is not a generalised analysis,” Associate Prof Walker said, “We looked at a few cosmetics products in the range of cosmetics sold in the country, and these are products that are likely to contain lead.”

However, there is no way of knowing whether the products contained lead because the bar code was not on the product.

“A bar code is not accurate when it comes to determining the presence or level of a chemical, so the University’s research looked at how lead-based cosmetics might affect a person’s health.”

The primary purpose of our study was to identify whether there was a significant impact on human health from the exposure to lead paint,” Associate Dr Walker said .”

Our research also looked at the relationship between lead paint and other chemicals in cosmetics.

“The research also investigated whether lead paint had any health impacts.”

In general, we were able to identify that there were two groups of products in our study, one containing lead and the other not.

“Lead paint may have been found in many of the products in this study, which may have contributed to the health concerns.”

There was also some evidence that there was some evidence of lead-containing ingredients in some of the cosmetics that were not lead-Free, such as in hair care or hair care bars.

“In the study, researchers found that some cosmetics contained a significant amount of lead.

But what are the health implications for people?

The University’s study did not examine how long lead paint would last in the body.”

Although there is a clear concern about lead-induced damage to the human body, the health impacts from lead exposure will depend on the duration of exposure,” Associate Chair for Health, Dr Michael Poulton, said in a statement.”

This may be up to a decade, or longer.

“Dr Poulson said the study showed that lead-intensive cosmetics are often used by people living in developing countries.”

People living in rural and remote communities may be particularly exposed to lead, and so, although the amount of exposure is less, it is important that consumers are aware of how lead can be harmful to their health,” he said.

Lead exposure is considered an indicator of health problems in children, and children exposed to higher levels of a compound called cadmium may develop behavioural problems.”

Children and adults with higher exposure to cadmial are more likely to have problems in learning and working,” Associate Clinical Professor Poulman said.

It’s important to be aware of the potential health risks from lead-laden cosmetics, as the chemicals in products can cause adverse health effects, Associate Professor Poulston said.

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