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It’s one of those rare technologies that can actually help people in need, says a doctor in Kenya.

The technology was first shown off at the International Hair Innovation Forum in Abuja, Nigeria, last week, when Dr Sohail El-Omar, who is based at the University of the Witwatersrand, and his colleagues showed it in action.

It works by transferring hair cells from the scalp into a patient’s face, and then replacing those cells with a patient-made replacement.

The process is quite simple.

It’s just a few simple steps, and the donor is able to be seen by an ophthalmologist and the patient is then told when the procedure is complete.

“The technique has been around for a long time, and we don’t need any special equipment, the patient has to be fully comfortable with the procedure, and all the patients have to agree to it,” Dr El-Osmar said.

Dr El-Okmar has been using the technique for over two decades.

It is based on the same principle as the transplantation of cells from a donor, but in a more natural way.

The recipient is allowed to wear a wig to mask the hair loss and the procedure lasts for only about three hours, he said.

“If we are looking for a procedure that can save a life, it’s about finding the right person for this.”

Ahead of the event, Dr El Omar had to persuade the attendees that it was safe, but said the technology could be used for anyone.

“I think it’s going to be a miracle if it works, but there’s a possibility that it will,” he said in an interview with BBC Africa’s The World Tonight.

The team has been experimenting with different types of hair grafts for several years, but Dr El Okmar said they had found a more efficient way to create the graft.

“It has to have a certain amount of stability,” he explained.

“In other words, if the hair is not going to stay in the scalp and the cells are not going back to the donor, the transplant is not effective.”

You have to take into account that if the donor hair doesn’t stay in that particular area, the graft won’t work.

“Dr El Ojmar said the procedure had helped some people to have natural hair regrowth, but they were also suffering from the hair losses caused by chemotherapy.”

One of the patients told me that she would never go back to her old look,” he told The World Today.”

But, in fact, she has been able to achieve that in the next six months.

“Dr Alodia, who works in the hospital where the transplant was carried out, said the experience had been a huge blessing.”

We didn’t have any problems with hair loss in our patient, but we did have to use a hair gel for her.

We found out that it works and we can actually get rid of the hair and the transplant works,” she said.

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