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Google News article A dog in a small apartment building has to have his hair removed for fear that he might have a disease.

A landlord has banned the barking dog, who has had his fur shaved off since he was a puppy, from living in his apartment.

But his owners say the cat, who’s named Cactus, is still their pet.

The owner of the apartment building, who wished to remain anonymous, told the BBC: “We don’t have enough cats in our apartment building to have them shaved.”

We’ve got cats all over our building, and they all bark.

“The dog is a two-year-old white male named Cactus, who lives in the building.

He’s been diagnosed with an aggressive form of canine parvovirus (CVCV), which causes severe inflammation and swelling of the joints, causing pain.

But the owner says the owner is unaware of the illness.

They are concerned the cat could spread it to other cats, who could be in danger.

The owners say they’ve tried to quarantine Cactuses cats, but he remains in their apartment.”

They’re always outside in the park, and if we get them in the garden, we’re going to have to put up with the noise,” she said.”

It’s a constant reminder to keep them away from other cats.

“Cactus is a small breed of cat.

The breed is closely related to the black Labrador.

But unlike its relatives, Cactusses fur is white and not black.

Cactus was originally a puppy.

But he was so young, his fur had become so thick and frizzy, he had to have the hair removed.”

He was a very timid, frightened little puppy, and when he was about six months old, the vet told us we had to shave his fur off,” the owner said.

The dog was shaved by his owners, and has been in quarantine since.”

Now that he’s been shaved, he’s fine.

He just wants to stay outside,” she added.

Cactuss’ owners say he’s not contagious, and the cat is still allowed to bark outside.

The BBC contacted the owner’s home for comment.

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