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The trend for long eyeliner is now widespread in the United States, with people using it to add length to their brows, the shape of their eyes and even to make their lashes curl.

But while the eyeliner has long been a staple in beauty salons, its popularity has been fueled by its appeal to women of color.

For some, it has also become a way to get their eyeliner to look like they have lighter hair, and it’s not a problem with the pigment itself. 

Melanin is a naturally occurring protein that’s part of the outer layer of skin.

When it’s exposed to sunlight, it becomes lighter and lighter, like an eyeliner.

People with darker hair have a harder time getting the pigment to adhere to the hair follicles.

That means that if you use eyeliners that have a darker pigment in them, the product can also get darker, and people with darker skin are more likely to notice the darker colors. 

While the pigment has long had its place in makeup and hair products, its appeal has skyrocketed in recent years because of the way it’s applied.

While eyeliner with a naturally-colored tip can give a woman’s eyelashes a slightly different look than that with a lighter-colored or darker-colored eyeliner, it can also create an effect similar to a natural hair curl. 

A lot of beauty brands have started to capitalize on the trend with eyeliner that looks like it has been dyed. 

If you buy eyeliner at Sephora, you can see that the company’s brand name is now “Beverly Hills Beautifully Dark” and that they’ve started using it as a way of branding their products.

The company also recently launched a line of lipsticks that are darker than normal and have a “natural” shade of pigment that can help you add volume to your lips and also give you a hint of curl.

The beauty of this trend has also been helped by its popularity with celebrities, who are now using it in their lookbooks and in their Instagram bios.

For example, the star of the “Bachelor” reality series is now a fan of the brand’s new mascara line.

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