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By Emma Witherspoon The first ever gel designed to fight the coronavirus has been launched by Australian hair care company Ag Hair Care in an effort to stop coronaviruses spread through the use of its products.

The gel is the result of a year-long trial with patients and it has been tested in Liberia and Sierra Leone, but the company hopes to expand its rollout to other countries in the coming months.

In Liberia, the gel was tested by local volunteers using the gel’s patented technology, which was then used to develop a gel that could fight the Ebola strain.

In Sierra Leone the gel is currently in use in hospitals, but will also be used in the treatment of Ebola patients in the next few weeks, said the company’s chief executive officer, Michael Nardone.

“It’s a real step forward in the fight against coronavireptor, the most deadly virus on the planet,” Mr Nardones said.

“The gel was developed to prevent the spread of Ebola by providing an incredibly safe and effective treatment for people with a fever, fever-like symptoms, and no symptoms of the disease.”

We hope it will also help people with other infections and help save lives, but we want to be transparent about our work.

“The company said it was working closely with the Liberian government to ensure the gel had been properly tested and tested properly.”

Ag Hair Care is currently working with the Government of Liberia to ensure all of the testing, clinical trials, and other relevant information is being conducted in line with the requirements of the World Health Organization,” Mr Ciancia said.

He said it had been working with healthcare workers, who would provide free tests and tests would be available to the general public.”

There’s still work to be done in the world, but this is really a great step forward,” he said.

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