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By Kim Hjelmgaard, The Associated Press The latest edition of the Forbes Health Rankings focuses on hair care.

In the latest edition, the top 10 most important factors in hair care are:• Hair care ingredients are very important for your health.

A lot of the ingredients are added to your hair after shampooing.• Hair Care is an integral part of the natural hair growth process.• Your hair needs to be moisturized daily, especially when you are showering.

Source: Forbes Health rankings by Kim H.

Hjelmsgaard/Getty ImagesThe new edition of Forbes Health focuses on the top ten factors in each category, as well as the top 25 health issues and the top 50 top pain and stress-related treatments.

The new editions include information on how the ranking works, the types of products people use and what’s changing in the health industry.

In this article:The latest edition: Hair careIn this edition: The top 10 health factors in healthAnd here are the top health issues for the top 5 areas:• Lack of sufficient and appropriate hair care resources• Low levels of awareness of the risks associated with using these products• Health-care related stress• How to take your hair care seriouslySource: Health Rankings by Kim K.H.

Helmstad/GettyImagesThe list also includes the top 15 health issues related to the care of people with dementia.

In its latest edition to focus on dementia, Forbes Health ranked the top 30 health issues, including:• Caffeine is a common health issue, and people who consume excessive amounts of caffeine should exercise caution.• The use of sedatives or tranquilizers can also be harmful to health.• People who take medications to treat pain, anxiety or depression can develop serious side effects.

Source for the Forbes Healthcare Rankings: Forbes Healthcare rankings by Kris Connor/GettyImageThe list includes the 50 top stress-reducing treatments.

In this edition, Forbes Healthcare ranked the 10 most common stress-relieving medications.

In terms of the most common types of medication, here are some of the top treatments for stress:• Painkillers, such as ibuprofen, are widely used.• Antidepressants, such in SSRIs and MAOIs, are used to treat depression and anxiety.• Anxiety-reduction medications, such like benzodiazepines and SSRAs, can help with stress.• Anti-anxiety medications, like nortriptyline and zoloft, are prescribed to treat anxiety and depression.• Restorative yoga is a type of meditation that can help people to ease stress.

Source to the ForbesHealth rankings by Josh Hedges/Getty

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