Hair Care

Cosmetics Business

Australian companies are making more than 50 per cent of all their hair care sales, a new report has found.

The Australian Institute of Dermatology (AIHD) study also found that more than 80 per cent, or nearly half, of all the products sold in Australia are from foreign companies, and almost half of the products were from companies that are not recognised by the Australian government.

The study also looked at the amount of money made in Australian products and how much is going to the companies.

It found that the top 20 Australian companies made $5.7 billion in sales last year.

The top 20 companies were:Anaheim, Apple, Avon, Bausch &ampgart, Bebe, Belkin, Bumble, Cabela’s, Colette, Cosmopolitan, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Dom Perignon, Estee Lauder, Fair Trade, Fortitude Valley, Gilette, Home Depot, H&M, Ikea, La Roche-Posay, Lush, Lane Bryant, Louis Vuitton, Martin Lewis, Macy’s, Mattress Firm, Michael Kors, Naked and Famous, Nespresso, Ocado, Panasonic, Peugeot, Philips, Prada, Quaker Oats, Red Bull, Redken, Roos, Samsung, Skyscanner, Sears, Stella McCartney, TaylorMade, Topshop, Tampax, Ulta, Victoria Beckham, Vans, and Zara.

Top 20 Australian products sold to Australian consumers in 2015 Source: Australian Institute for Dermatological Research (AIHDR) reportThe top 10 companies that make up the majority of the market share were:Aveda, Bora, Campbells, Coppertone, D’Agostino, Giorgio Armani, Hennessy, L’Oreal, MAC, Maybelline, Nautica, Pantene, Renee Lauder (NSW), Revlon, Sams, Skynet, Smiths, Taylor & Johnson, Zara, and W.H. Figi.

The bottom 20 companies that made up the market were:Hair Care and Conditioning, Kiehl’s, Mary Kay, Sally Beauty, Target, and Walgreens.

The total sales of all Australian products in 2015 was $8.9 billion, the research found.

Of the total, nearly $4.9 trillion was spent on hair care and beauty products.

The research also found the average Australian woman spends $15,000 on her hair each year.

The average Australian man spends $11,000.

The difference in spending for men is just under $10,000 per year.


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