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If you’ve ever wanted to be the hairiest person on the planet, you might want to consider following a new trend: a “hair care” regimen that’s designed to turn your hair into a “mesh.”

In a new documentary titled “The Hairiest Man in the World,” the comedian and former NBA player Mike Tyson tells the story of a man who’s tried everything from a daily shampoo to a full-blown hair transplant to a complete regimen of hair transplants.

Tyson, a popular and outspoken celebrity, has been promoting the idea of hair transplant therapy for years and now says he has a solution for those who want to transform their hair into something more “mixed.”

“I would say to the average person, you know, they look good and they’re not really hairy, they’re just like a piece of meat,” Tyson said in a recent interview with TMZ.

They look like that little thing under the skin.” “

They look like the biggest muscle.

They look like that little thing under the skin.”

Tyson has already been known for his unconventional methods of hair care that are both innovative and revolutionary.

In the 1990s, Tyson started his own hair transplant company, which specialized in creating and selling hair-based products that are supposed to be “totally natural.”

“In the ’90s, they were really into using organic hair.

So they would have these organic hair regimens.

They would just buy organic hair,” Tyson told the “Fatal Attraction” podcast.

“And then you could come in here, do a few drops of that, and you’d look like this.

And it was like, this is a product that was supposed to go into your scalp.

It would work all over your body.

You’d be like, ‘Oh, this would work.’

And you would have a great scalp.

And you wouldn’t be bald.

You wouldn’t have this horrible thing that they would inject into your head, which would kill you.”

In 2012, Tyson launched his own salon in Los Angeles.

“The whole idea was to make a salon that was more like a clinic.

It was more about the science and the treatment and the way you treat hair, not the way a salon is,” Tyson explained to the “GMA” show “All Things Considered.”

Tyson’s hair was never supposed to grow out of his head, but the natural way it looked in his photos showed that his natural hair didn’t look like it did after a hair transplant.

The idea of using hair transplans in your hair was first proposed by Dr. James Andrews, a professor of dermatology at Johns Hopkins University.

Andrews proposed the idea in 2012, but had no success in convincing anyone to actually perform a hair-transplant.

“He said, ‘It’s really not worth it,’ ” Tyson said of the idea.

“I said, I have to do it, because my hair is going to grow back.

So I did it.”

Tyson eventually sold his company, but in a rare moment of candor, he admitted that the idea was “a little weird” at the time.

“It was a little weird to me,” Tyson added.

“Because I had been doing it for a couple years.

So, you have this idea that you can transplant a whole bunch of hair and then it’s going to be like a patchwork of skin.”

He said the idea wasn’t something he was thinking about too much at the start.

“That’s the funny thing.

“Like, I’m not going to try to make it work. “

So, I was kind of like, okay, I’ll do it,” Tyson continued.

“Like, I’m not going to try to make it work.

I’m going to do this and see how much it helps, because I don’t know.”

In 2014, Tyson said that the next time he got a phone call from someone asking him to perform a scalp transplant, he would have to rethink his whole approach.

“For me, this was like the big breakthrough, like I’d done it before, and I didn’t know how to make this better, so I just gave it up,” Tyson recalled.

“As soon as I got that phone call, I said, wow, I didn, I don, I shouldn’t have done it.

And then I went and did it.

It’s been the same way since.”

Tyson explained that he’s not the only celebrity who has been using the technology.

Former NBA player Kobe Bryant recently took the “Transformers” franchise to the next level when he transformed his hair into “bionic” hair and was featured in a video for the “Makeover Series.”

“He was able to transform his hair from the way it looks to the way that it would look if it were

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