Hair Care

Cosmetics Business

Maui haircare lines are a great way to help reduce frizz, but many have their limits.

In our series, we explore some of the things you need to know before heading to the salon, or to the beauty supply store, or the grocery store.

How to clean your hair.

If you’re washing your hair regularly, we recommend you wash with soap and water.

If not, use a damp towel.

For best results, use hair conditioner, shampoo, conditioner and conditioner in a shampoo and condition.

For extra shampoo, add a little extra water.

Keep your hair out of the sun.

The sun may cause hair to curl up and dry out, so make sure to wear sunscreen or cover your hair in sunscreen before heading outdoors.

For more tips on how to protect yourself from sun damage, visit the Canadian Sunscreen Foundation’s website.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s normal to have a dry scalp, which can lead to frizz.

Do not try to massage your hair into a ponytail.

Doing so may cause frizz and can be dangerous.

Wash your face.

Your facial hair should be brushed, tamed and brushed back with a soft cloth to avoid any dryness or irritation.

Wash and condition the scalp as you normally would, but don’t use a comb or a combing iron.

For a natural, gentle scalp, use scalp exfoliator or scalp gel.

For an extreme scalp, opt for a scalp excellant and scalp gel, or use a special shampoo made specifically for your scalp.

For even more natural styling, go to the Braid Beauty website for advice on hair styling products.

Don’t worry if your hair falls out.

Just brush it back in.

You may notice that your hair is softer, and your scalp is thicker.

This is normal.

Try adding more hair gel or moisturizer, if needed.

You can also try an eyebrow gel or a eyebrow comb.

You will need to do this several times per day for the most effective results.

For hair styling tips, check out our guide to styling for curly and coiled hair.

Learn how to care yourself and your hair with these simple tips.

Don, we love your advice!

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