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The hair on a dog’s body can come from a variety of sources.

Hair follicles are present in the head, neck, shoulders, back, and even in the trunk.

The most common sources of hair on the body are: a dog or cat’s hair, a dog grooming itself, or a person who is grooming their dog or cats.

A dog’s fur contains many hair follicles, including in the tail, neck and sides.

Dogs and cats also have hair follicle-rich glands in their fur, known as keratin.

The hair in the body can be found in the joints and in other parts of the body.

It’s the hair follicular parts that can be a problem.

A person may want to wash the dog’s paws to remove any hair from their hands, or wash their hands before and after a grooming session.

A hair-soaking brush or dog hair comb can be handy for removing some of the dog hair from a dog.

If the hair is very fine, the dog may want a brush to remove the hair from the face.

The dog may also want to brush the body to remove hair that has come off.

If hair is large, it can be hard to see it from a distance, and it may be difficult to remove it from the dog.

Some people also like to brush their dogs’ legs, which are a source of dog hair.

If a dog has a large amount of hair and is walking around, it may need to be combed to remove this hair.

Hair can also be shed from the coat, which is a sign that the dog is shedding.

If you notice that your dog is wearing a coat, check to make sure the dog has been washing it.

If it’s a white coat, the coat may be wet and shedding hair.

The coat also can be wet, which means the dog does not wash his or her coat often.

If your dog doesn’t wash his coat often, there is a chance that the hair on it could be coming off.

When the dog walks or runs, the hair may be visible.

If there are a lot of hair follules in the hair, it’s easier to see the hair than if the hair doesn’t have many hairs.

It also makes it easier to identify the hair by its color, as it’s much more difficult to identify hairs with a red color.

If, however, your dog’s hair is dark, it should be combing to remove a hair from his or it’s coat.

If he or she is combing the hair of the coat and not in the paw area, there may be other hair that is on the coat that may not be as easy to remove.

If this happens, the owner may need help with combing and removing the hair.

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