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Kenya’s been shaving her head for 20 years, but she still gets occasional requests for haircuts, and her big-hair-dont-care-don’t-care attitude is what led her to stop.

“The biggest request I get from people, is I have to shave my head, but my mom always said, ‘you have to do it’,” she told 7.30.

“I don’t know how much longer I can stay like this.

It’s like a constant thing.”

Moore is an outspoken critic of the grooming industry and has been featured on The View and other TV shows, as well as a regular on ABC News 24.

“It’s really not the way to do business, to be honest,” she said.

“The whole thing is about trying to sell hair products and products and things.

People want to buy it, and that’s fine.”

But when you’re the most popular person in the world, it’s not okay.

“Moores mother told 7-Eleven chain owner that her daughter was shaving her scalp for personal reasons after she told him about her big hair problem.”

I said, you know, I’m really sorry.

I’ve been shaving my head for many years and it’s just really not healthy.

So I’m not going to shave it again,” she told the news channel.”

And my mum said, well, you’re not shaving it because you have big hair, you have a beard, you need to shave your head.

“The retailer then called her up to get a “hair consultation”.

She was then shown a list of hair products she could purchase and was asked to make a payment of $3,000.

Moores daughter, who had her hair cut by a hair stylist at a hair salon, did not like the idea of having to pay for the cut.”

The hair cut is for me and my mom, not for the customers,” she wrote on Facebook.

After the hair cut, Moores friend called the company and told them about the incident.

The employee contacted Kenyana’s hair stylists to have her hair professionally cut.

Moore has since left the company.

Kenya Moores family told 7 News the company’s response was “misguided” and that she should have told the company that she wanted to stop the hair cutting.

The family has also written to Kenyans representatives at the store asking them to take action.”

Kenya’s hair is a very important part of her identity and they should have taken this into consideration when they agreed to her request,” they wrote in a statement.”

Instead of putting their customer first, they chose to sell the customer a product and make the customer pay for it.

Topics:health,people,health-administration,industry,hair,business-economics-and-finance,hair-and/or-other-hair,family-and_children,health,australiaMore stories from Western Australia”

We urge Kenyas management to take immediate action to remove Kenyani from their payroll, as they are in breach of contract.”

Topics:health,people,health-administration,industry,hair,business-economics-and-finance,hair-and/or-other-hair,family-and_children,health,australiaMore stories from Western Australia

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