Hair Care

Cosmetics Business

A man in Kerala has gone to the market to buy pump hair care products to help it grow out his locks, but he was surprised to see his hair grow in the shape of a pair of scissors.

Mr Muthi, who has a beard, said he had noticed that his beard was growing out of shape when he bought the pumps, which cost around Rs 300.

“I was shocked to see my hair growing in the same way as a pair that had already been purchased, but this is what they are called?

The haircuts have to be done once a month,” he said.

The products are designed to help you keep your hair from becoming so long that it becomes unmanageable.

They come in two types: a pump and a straight razor.

According to Mr Mutha, a pump is used to trim the ends of your hair, while a straight blade is used for cutting off hair.

His salon has sold the pump for Rs 200 ($4.75) to other customers.

“We have been getting a lot of inquiries from customers and even customers from the States, and we are now trying to get some more customers,” Mr Mathy said.

“The customer base has grown immensely since we started selling the products.

It’s all thanks to people who have been sharing their experience on social media.”

The man said the pump was “really easy to use” and it did not affect his hair.

“You don’t have to worry about cutting off any hair at all, but if you have any hair growing over the top, like the back of your head, it’s best to buy the pump,” he added.

People have been using pump hair products for over two decades, but now many people are taking to the internet to share their experience.

‘People are becoming more aware of how much hair you need’A customer who went by the name of Pankaj said he used the pump when he grew out his hair to try to maintain his appearance.

Pankaj, who runs a hair salon in the city of Kollam, was surprised by how many people had taken to social media to share his experience.

“People are also becoming more informed about how much they need to trim their hair to maintain their looks,” he told The Times.

“It is definitely becoming a trend now.”

A customer named Virender told NDTV that the pump is a “really good idea”.

“People use pump hair for their hair, but I think people are becoming a little bit more aware how much you need,” he explained.

Virender said people should be careful when buying pump hair, as they could end up getting too much on their head.

“If you don’t trim your hair properly, then you will end up with the same look as someone who has been buying pump locks for the last three years.”

He said it is important to remember to use a straight cut, not a pump.

A woman called Vibhav told NDtv she uses the pump regularly and doesn’t have any issues with her hair growing out.

“My hair is always nice and healthy,” she said.

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