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Cara Delevingne has taken on the hairstyles of a famous Hollywood actress.

The “Bachelor” star is the first of the couple to wear her signature blonde locks for their wedding.

Here are some of the latest in her signature style.

READ MORE: Cara Delevenne, 26, and Cj Walkers, 36, are married in the US on September 19 in Los Angeles.

The couple have two children from a previous relationship.

Cj Walker, from Los Angeles, has styled his hair to resemble Cami Devereux, from the sitcom “American Horror Story”, as she looks on in this photo from her wedding in August 2016.

He has styled hair to look like his “American TV” co-star, Cami DeVille, in the same way.

The couple also has a son, Jacob, 18, who is not related to Cami but whose mother was born on the day of the wedding.

Last year, Cj walkeder wore a “Mad Men” style wig, which has become a trend in the industry.

“I’ve never been into it before and I was thinking about it and thought, ‘Why not?'” he said in a statement.

“I thought that would be a really great idea to take that and try it on for the first time.”

Cj and Cami have already shared some of their personal style tips.

“We’re super into it, we’re super happy to do it, and it’s a little bit different than normal.

We’re just not trying to do any more of that,” he said.

When Cami was on the set of the ABC drama “Grey’s Anatomy”, Cami’s hair was styled with a long side parting, a classic look in Hollywood.

“My hair is long and it really has nothing to do with anything.

It’s really about me,” she said in the show’s episode “Million Dollar Mermaids”.

Cami is also famous for her long hair, which she has styled for many years.

She wore it for her role as a woman in “The Princess Bride”, which has earned her a lifetime achievement award.

“That was such a big inspiration to me because I think women should be able to express themselves in whatever way they want,” she told TV Magazine in 2013.

Cami has also styled her hair for her roles on “Glee”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “American Idol”, “Shark Tank” and “Scandal”.

“It’s really hard to find a hairstyle that I don’t love.

It really suits me,” Cami said.

“People are so obsessed with it.

It has such a natural look and that’s something I’m really passionate about.”

Cami also has long, blonde hair for the role of Ms Marvel, an actress from the Marvel Comics universe who appeared in a series of covers and was a recurring character on the show “Jessica Jones”.

“I love the long hair.

It makes it so much more natural and easy to do,” she joked.

“It feels really good when you put it on.

You can feel it and feel the difference it makes.”

Cajun-born Cami and her husband, Cajan Walker, were married in Los, California, in September 2016.

The former actress is the most well-known face of the “Bachelorette” franchise, which is based on the American TV series “The Bachelor”.

The wedding was filmed in Los Angles and took place at the Hollywood Park Lanes.

“Cajan and I have been engaged for two years and I’m so happy we are finally going to get married,” Cajon said.

This is so special and it is going to be amazing to spend this special time together.”

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